Tuesday, October 18, 2011


First of all want to say Hello everyone, and also make an apology because I do not post so much lately, but that not means that a forget anyone of you , I know people love to read about delicious recipes, and that is why I come back , to continue give you and share with you the best recipes of all.

The reason I've been so apart of writing and posting is that I made a drastically change of my life, but don't worry I still love to cook and eat and enjoy it!!!!!

The past year was the healthy tough of all my life, thank God I'm going through victorious, for that I made changes in my life, because I need it to and made a new goal for me, I want to look better physically and mentally, so I think for me the easy part was physically.

So  I enrolled to the gym, and began to do weight lifting and cardio at the max.
doing so mean that I have to eat better so started a clean diet... I know boring and just veggies stuff.

But no, that isn't true and I will show you that eat in a cleaning way i doesn't have to be boring, is also delicious but you have to be commitment to change your lifestyle. 

So from now and so I will posting interesting recipes that I did and I will in my journey.....

Hope you find it incredible as me!!!!!


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